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1. Video game: Wind Waker, Trauma Center/Team, Professor Layton... to name a few!

2. Show: Grey's Anatomy! D8 And... Castle!

3. Kids cartoon character: Beast Boy from Teen Titans! 83

4. Anime/manga character: Kurosaki from Dengeki Daisy aaaaaand... Yui from K-On!

5. Final fantasy character: I was particularly fond of Lightning. But I never played very far so... D: WAKKA.

6. Present you received: My first Auburn University shirt! 8DD Love it!

7. Color: Pink please!

8. Sonic character: Bleh... D:

9. Band: Very difficult, but I'm going to have to choose Mercy Me!

10. Song: Right now... admittedly, it's Let it Go. That's my uplifting tune right now, and I NEED IT.

11. Food: Please give me a cheese burger... or maybe macaroni salad.

12. Drink: Cherry Coke

13. Number: 8U I dunno...

14. Planet: Pluto... hang in there, buddy.

15. Simpsons character: Don't care for it.

16. Country: Poland!

17. Job: Wannabe author. 83

18. Magazine: D: 

19. Comic: Nothing really!

20. Action figure/doll: I have one Link plushie, and Stitch as well...

21. Weather: Late Fall!

22. Month: January, I'm biased because it's my birthday month! 83

23. Day of the week: Particularly big on Fridays.

24. Fruit: Strawberries and raspberries.

25. Meat: Chicken

26. Body part: Definitely my hands.

27. Electronic device: I have a laptop. >/

28. Person on dA: That's rather difficult... but I do have one artist I look up to a lot, not naming names.

29. Video game console: Very attached to my 3DS!

30. Video game company: Grew up Nintendo!

31. DVD: Beauty and the Beast!

32. Movie: Beauty and the... Beast....?

33. Road: Flat and smooth!

34. City: As in where I live or...? Indianapolis which is not where I live.

35. Holiday destination: Anywhere my friends are! <3 

36. dA emoticon: :la:

37. Online game: I used to play Aion a lot!

38. Family guy character: Terrible show...

39. Fullmetal Alchemist Character: UGH DON'T DO THIS TO ME!! Q-Q Um... Maes.

40. Green day song: Who?

41. Lead singer of a band: I don't know any names... I am amazed at my friends who do though!

42. Mario character: Daisy is my go-to in most Mario games! Although I can't say she's my favorite, really.

43. Snack: Popcorn!

44. Fizzy drink: CHERRY COOOKE.

45. Scent: Food. 8U

46. Taste: Slightly spicy or tangy.

47. Sound: Rain and thunder with wooden wind chimes.

48. Feeling: Headache from crying. D:

49. Animal: Cats! Mugi specifically. <3

50. Circus attraction: Gymnastics? 8O

51. Fairground ride: I won't ride anything that can be put up and taken down.

52. Kitchen utensil: Rubber or wooden.

53. Junk food: Smarties... and chicken wings.

54. Word: Potato

55. Type of footwear: Converse All Star Shoes! 8D And boots! Heels on a day when confidence is important.

56. Type of clothing: Dresses and tights.

57. Pokémon: Espeon


59. Thing about love: It's difficult, but very worth it. <3

60. Type of Joke: Sarcasm, or dry humor.

61. American state: 8U Huh? Florida?

62. Bug: IMA SAY SOMETHING. It's a moth that looks like a hummingbird but has hawk in it's name. 

63. Aquatic animal: Whale Shark!

64. Seafood: Eh.

65. Store: Thrifty stores.

66. Time of day: Evening!

67. Arcade game: O3O D:

68. Favorite PC Music Player: I leaned on itunes when I had it.

69. Sport: I sorta care about football.

70. Animated Character: Elsa, Belle! <3 Oh, and Rapunzel!

71. Accessory: Headbands, I have a pixie cut!

72. Lesson: I'm a hands-on learner.

73. Video Game Character: Tetra, Professor Layton, Naomi Kimishima

74. Way of Dying: Quick and painless... I hope. I don't want to think about that.

75. Body part of the Opposite Eyes: I'm not sure I understand...

76. Extreme sport: Quidditch? 8U

77. Thing about the opposite gender: Eyebrows. I'm a complete dork.

78. Way of showing affection: I'm a huggy person, but usually I'm stiff and no fun. D: 

79. Type of swimwear: One piece, I don't like to show how I look!

80. Favorite historical era: The forties, they had some fashion sense? 83

81. Celebrity: Chris Hemsworth. 

82. Celebrity couple: Do peeps actually stay together though? 

83. Shipping: Tetra and Link, Derek and Angie, Navel and Naomi, Toph and Sokka. 8U Okay that's not a game but IT SHOULD'VE TOTALLY HAPPENED. I'm not sorry, Suki! 

85. Takeout: Chineee food, and also food in general.

86. Metal: Copper! 8P

87. Anime: Clannad, Clannad After Story, ToraDora, Akatsuki no Yona, K-On!, and FMA Brotherhood!

88. Candy: Smarties, or maybe a Snickers if I'm in a chocolate mood.

89. Cookie: Chocolate chip, but I'm also a fan of Macadamia Nut!

90. Final fantasy game: Ten? Thirteen? I don't know...

91. Type of cake: Red Velvet with Cream Cheese frosting!

92. Doughnut: Powdered sugar!

93. Type of music: I'm kinda into a little country lately... 

94. Type of film: Romantic comedies, some epics... like LOTR.

95. Channel: I used to watch hours of LifeTime just to make fun of it... xD 

96. Radio station: Usually Christian!

97. Website: Tumblr, and I lurk Youtube now and again.

98. Episode of Show: Omg this one time... *spoilers*

99. Tool: A potato works nicely for most things.

100. Reality Show: REALITY? Okay so like... Bridezillas. Not my favorite, I don't like to admit that I even watch reality tv. X3
  • Mood: Optimism


Alexis Perrone
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Hello, I'm Alexis! I've truly been on deviantart for almost five years and still going strong. My specialties involve digital art, writing and pottery. I spend a lot of time here but mostly I'm out and about and having updated much lately.

Thank you for visiting my gallery! <3


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